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Cabinet Refinishing

Are your cabinets looking worn or faded? Let us refinish them!

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Kitchen remodeling is often the most expensive home improvement project, but what if you could get an updated look at a fraction of the cost? You can, with Just Paint It cabinet services.

Older cabinets may appear so scuffed and faded that they need to be sanded and refaced, or even replaced with completely new fronts. But with Just Paint It, you can easily restore well-worn cabinets to their previous condition, even after years of wear and tear. Unless you want to change your kitchen layout completely, Just Paint It’s cabinet refinishing process could be the perfect solution.

Even high-quality finishes start to show wear after the five- year mark. This is a good time to give your kitchen a new lease on life. A new color or simply refinishing the cabinets with a fresh coat of high quality paint can make your kitchen look brand new again.

Our Process

Our carpenter removes the cabinet doors and drawers, carefully marking their locations. We wrap all the pieces and transport them to our paint shop, which is a controlled environment with a spray booth to give you the smoothest and most durable finish.


We begin with cleaning and priming your cabinets, ensuring the best adhesive surface. We then apply a new color, and/or finish to your cabinets, taking care to ensure proper coverage. Unlike traditional cabinet painters, who often leave woodgrain exposed, Just Paint It cabinet refinishers offer a solution that will minimize the grain, giving your cabinets a cleaner, on-trend appearance. 


Meanwhile, your daily life can continue with less disruption. Once the paint has cured, our painter and our carpenter will bring your doors and drawers back for reinstallation.

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The Advantage of Refinishing Your Cabinets

  • Cost Effectiveness. New units are costly, especially if you already have quality cabinets in place. Refinishing or painting your existing cabinets saves you money.

  • Convenience. Why be inconvenienced while you wait for your cabinets to be ripped out and replaced? Painting or refinishing takes less time so you can enjoy your space sooner.

  • Beautiful results. You’ll love the way your cabinets and shelves look after our experts are finished with the job. We have the skills and tools to get the job done right.

Popular Color Options

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