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Exterior Painting



Just Paint It not only offers high quality painting and products, we perform extensive prep work for a superior, smooth finish. We assist you in choosing colors that you can be happy with and not settled for. Our professional exterior painting team is prompt, reliable and cleans up the job site on a daily basis. We offer a full range of painting solutions to transform your home and protect against the harsh Michigan weather. Our time tested experience has established us as a high quality, reliable Michigan painting company.

Our paint is six times thicker than a regular coat of paint. It has cross-linking resins which give it excellent adhesion and prevents peeling and fading! Its mildew and mold resistant, so it stays clean and looking new for many years to come. We also use a lifetime warranty caulk on all seams and cracks that is highly flexible so it will not crack or shrink to allow water or insects into your home, which is the leading cause of rotted wood.

Exterior painting is what got us to where we are today. From our first exterior painting project over 15 years ago, homeowners and property managers have experienced what true professionalism in exterior transformations are all about.

Prep work is the key to an exceptional exterior paint job, anything less will compromise the quality and durability of the painting process. That’s why Just Paint It has created a 12 step exterior painting system.

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